Lucifer, the acclaimed TV series that blends crime procedural with supernatural elements, boasts a rogues’ gallery of villains that captures fans’ hearts. The antagonists in this devilishly amusing drama are as varied and fascinating as the paranormal universe they live in. Each of them lends a distinctive flavor to the story; from celestial entities to crafty humans, they keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

What makes the villains in Lucifer truly exceptional is their complexity. They aren’t merely one-dimensional evildoers but multifaceted characters with intricate motivations and compelling backstories. Whether it’s the charmingly wicked Lucifer’s sibling rivalry, the power plays of the Goddess of All Creation, or the moral dilemmas of Marcus Pierce, the narrative these villains weave together gives the show depth and intrigue.

10. Eve

Played by Inbar Lavi, Eve stole fans’ hearts with her irresistible charm and cunning nature. She is a timeless being, the original sinner, and one of the show’s most beloved villains. Moreover, her ability to walk the fine line between villainy and endearing unpredictability makes her truly exceptional.

Eve is an excellent fit for the show’s dynamic because of her outgoing attitude and distinctive viewpoint on Heaven and Hell. Her witty banter, playful antics, and magnetic allure bring a delightful twist to the series, keeping viewers on their toes. Additionally, as she navigates her way through the world of Lucifer, her character offers a fascinating blend of danger and allure that cements her as one of the best villains.

9. Amenadiel

Amenadiel was first introduced as the unofficial villain in season 1 of the show, and he surely adds a heavenly touch to the world of villains. Played by the talented D.B. Woodside, Amenadiel is anything but a typical antagonist. He stands out as one of Lucifer’s best villains because of his complex character arc and moral dilemmas.

Amenadiel’s struggles between his angelic responsibilities and desire for power and control make him a multifaceted and changing character. He also contributed to his complicated image by strictly obeying God’s will in the first season in opposition to Lucifer, improving him as a character and villain. Thus, fans could not help but root for Amenadiel when he switched sides and became one of Lucifer’s closest allies.

8. The Demons

Led by Dromos, the mischievous demon who took Father Kinley’s body as an answer to Eve’s plan, The Demons bring a devilish charm and a touch of diabolical humor to the show. Played by Graham McTavish, Dromos embodies the recklessness and evilness frequently observed in demons.

Later, after being freed by Dromos, other demons join him on Earth, masked as recently deceased individuals intent on wreaking havoc on people for their own sick amusement. The demons kidnap Amenadiel and Linda’s (Rachael Harris) baby Charlie to rear the next rulers of Hell, demonstrating the boundlessness of their malevolence.

7. Goddess of All Creation

The Goddess of All Creation, also known as Charlotte or Mum, brings an electrifying dose of divine drama to the show. Trapped in the body of Charlotte Richards, played by Tricia Helfer, the Goddess is one of Lucifer’s most memorable and complex villains. She stands out because of her dual role as Lucifer’s mother and the supreme wielder of celestial power.

Goddess’ intriguing mix of maternal love, cunning manipulation, and yearning for freedom creates a fascinating character arc. Moreover, her quest to regain her celestial status while bonding with her estranged family adds depth and emotional resonance to the show. As one of Lucifer’s best villains, Goddess’ presence is an emotional rollercoaster that keeps viewers entertained and guessing at every celestial twist and turn.

6. The Sinnerman

The Sinnerman, played by the underrated Kevin Carroll, is undeniably one of Lucifer’s most captivating villains. His dark and twisted motivations and the unrelenting pursuit of his own evil agenda keep other characters and the audience on the edge of their seats.

Moreover, Sinnerman’s calculated and elusive nature adds an element of intrigue to the show, as he becomes a formidable adversary for Lucifer, one of television’s all-time best devils. In addition, Sinnerman’s complex web of deceit and secrets showcases his brilliance as a villain, making fans eagerly anticipate each revelation and plot twist.

5. Father Kinley

Father Kinley emerges as one of the show’s most intriguing villains. Kinley’s character is a masterclass in deception and manipulation. His crafty ability to take advantage of other people’s vulnerabilities distinguishes him and makes him one of the best villains in Lucifer.

At first glance, Kinley appears as a righteous priest, but his ulterior motives reveal a character brimming with darkness. His determination to send Lucifer back to Hell to prevent an impending apocalypse creates a gripping conflict that keeps viewers enthralled and constantly questioning their faith and morality. Kinley’s transformation from a trusted figure of faith to a formidable adversary adds a complex layer to the show, making him a standout villain that fans love to hate.

4. Uriel

Emmy-winner Michael Imperioli plays Uriel in Lucifer. His role as Lucifer’s brother makes him one of the most intriguing and memorable villains in the series. Uriel’s calculating nature and ability to manipulate celestial powers make him a formidable adversary for the devilishly charming protagonist.

Moreover, Uriel’s obsession with cosmic balance and willingness to go to extreme lengths to achieve it makes him a standout villain. His sibling rivalry with Lucifer is rooted in jealousy, resentment, and a sense of injustice, stemming from Uriel’s belief that their father unfairly cast him aside. This familial conflict adds emotional depth to the show, as viewers witness the complexities of their celestial family dynamics and sympathize with Uriel.

3. Cain

Already famous as one of the best-known actors to play Superman, Tom Welling went into the Lucifer universe as Cain, also known as Marcus Pierce. Cain’s character is a masterclass in complex storytelling and character development due to his eternal struggle with immortality and relentless pursuit of death.

Moreover, Cain’s intricate backstory, moral dilemmas, and enduring obsession with mortality create a captivating narrative arc. His journey from a stoic, enigmatic figure to a conflicted antihero-turned-villain adds emotional turmoil to the show. Viewers find themselves sympathizing with his plight even as he opposes the show’s beloved protagonist in morality romance.

2. Michael

Also portrayed by talented Tom Ellis, Michael is Lucifer’s identical yet mischievous twin. Michael is truly a cunning and duplicitous celestial figure and an outstanding addition to the show’s villainous roster. His aptitude for taking advantage of his brother’s weaknesses and wreaking havoc in the celestial realm makes him one of the best villains to ever appear on Lucifer.

Michael’s deceptive charm, coupled with his ruthless determination to undermine Lucifer and claim his throne, creates a thrilling conflict. Viewers are treated to a celestial battle of wits, including mind games, unexpected twists, and Ellis’s interestingly enthralling American accent. Michael and Lucifer will never be among the best sibling duos on TV, but their intense rivalry sure made for compelling television.

1. Malcolm Graham

Kevin Rankin’s Malcolm Graham is an exceptional villain who leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Malcolm’s character stands out for his ruthless ambition, ability to stir chaos in the celestial world, and relentless pursuit of power, even in the face of divine intervention.

Malcolm’s journey from a corrupt cop to a pawn of celestial forces gone awry is a rollercoaster of intrigue and suspense. His resurrection and descent into madness turn him into a formidable adversary for Lucifer and his celestial entourage. The audience is constantly kept on the edge as Malcolm’s actions become increasingly unpredictable, cementing him as the best villain in Lucifer.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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