Jensen Ackles made a huge impact on television with his portrayal of Dean Winchester in the dark fantasy drama series Supernatural.

From witty, sarcastic moments to heartbreaking monologues, his character has made fans laugh, smile, cry, and ache for him hundreds of times.

Out of all 327 amazing episodes, we have chosen 5 of Dean’s funniest moments that still keep living in our minds after all these years.

5. ScoobyNatural
The episode that fulfilled Dean’s biggest dream, as he and Sam find themselves animated and join Scooby-Doo and other team members on exciting mystery-solving adventures.

From trying to hit on his childhood crush Daphne Blake to sandwich fights with Scooby and Shaggy, Dean had the time of his life in this episode.

4. Dog Dean Afternoon
In a standout episode from Season 9, Dean finds himself in a rather unconventional situation due to the Men of Letters spell, as he takes on dog behavior and gains the ability to communicate with animals.

Dean’s hilarious dog-like behavior, including a feud with a pigeon and a ride in the Impala with his head out the window, combined with Jensen’s charismatic performance, take the humor of the show to a whole new level.

3. Pudding!
We don’t know why, but back in season five, this scene made us burst out laughing. While on a mission in a mental hospital, Dean and Sam, disguised as patients, almost get caught.

But then Dean has an idea that perfectly suits the hospital’s resident’s behavior. He takes off his trousers and shouts “Pudding!” while wiggling his hips.

The combination of these spontaneous dance moves, his childish enthusiasm, and the bemused reactions of those around him is a comic highlight of the episode.

2. Cat In The Locker
Yellow Fever is one of those episodes on television that could single-handedly carry the whole show. Dean is struck by a ghostly illness that makes him fear everything from holding a gun to a small Yorkshire puppy on the street.

But the top scene that still haunts us is when the elder Winchester screams in terror after being frightened by a cat jumping out of the cupboard. Hands down the funniest Supernatural episode ever.

1. Eye Of The Tiger
This moment isn’t directly from the series, but it’s the moment from the set, so we can’t tell the difference.

In this memorable scene, Jensen/Dean takes center stage as he channels his inner rock star and delivers a whimsical performance of Eye of the Tiger with an air guitar twist.

With the iconic Impala, affectionately known as “Baby”, serving as the perfect backdrop, Jensen/Dean enthusiastically lip-syncs every word, immersing himself in the spirit of the classic rock song. We can watch this all day long.


By Damyan Ivanov

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