Jared Padalecki once took “boys will be boys” to a whole new level of disgusting while filming Supernatural.

The Supernatural conventions have always given fans plenty of behind-the-scenes fun facts and details, and this one is no different (except that the fact is gross, and not fun).

YouTuber Wayward Winchester posted a video from one of the conventions that featured Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki answering a rather peculiar question – “If your wives were here, what bad habits would they say that you guys have?”

The fan knew what she was doing, and the answer was just as great as the question. While Ackles initially said, “None,” and Padalecki asked, “How much time you got?”, the actors then told the funniest story.

Jensen began by saying that something Jared did was a pet peeve of his, and his co-star immediately understood what was coming. As it turned out, our beloved Sam Winchester is no angel!

Whenever he would come into Ackles’ trailer on the set of Supernatural to run lines or just hang out, Padalecki would do the grossest thing – he would walk up to the countertop and put his gum on it because… he wasn’t done with it.

Why wouldn’t he just throw it away, you might ask? Well, Jared seemed to believe that exposing gum to oxygen enhanced its taste qualities. The cast of Supernatural had access to “an infinite supply of gum” on the set, but the actor preferred to just leave his old gum be and pick it up later. Eww!

Jensen went on to say that Jared literally did this every time he came by. We guess even Hollywood stars aren’t perfect! Coincidentally enough, Jensen’s story about Jared’s close relationship with gum made everyone forget that we never got to hear about Ackles’ bad habits…

Frankly, the Supernatural conventions were sometimes better than the show itself. They felt so cozy and homey that you truly got why the Supernatural fandom was not just a fandom – it was a family from the beginning.

Source: startefacts.com

By Damyan Ivanov

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