Sylvester Stallone has a ton of good films to his name. Every single Rocky movie is at least entertaining (well, not Rocky V), the majority of the Rambo flicks kick ass and The Expendables franchise breathed new life into the careers of iconic action stars. But there’s one movie that’ll always have a special place in my heart: Demolition Man.

This nutty futuristic action film sees Stallone’s hard-bitten cop John Spartan being frozen in the dark crime-ridden future of uh, 1996. He’s then defrosted in 2032, where he finds a weird utopian future California that has left violence behind. Unfortunately for them, a villainous Wesley Snipes is on the loose and there’s only one man that can stop him.

It’s not a great movie, but it’s very fondly remembered. And now, after almost thirty years, it seems that Demolition Man 2 might be on the cards. Stallone revealed the project in an Instagram Q&A session yesterday. When a fan asked if there was a chance of a Demolition Man sequel happening, the actor replied:

“I think there is. We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic. So that should come out, that’s going to happen.”

So, how could this work? Well, it seems too obvious to simply pick up Spartan’s story thirty years on from 2032. I’d hope that he manages to somehow get himself frozen again, this time waking up in an even more bizarre future sometime in the 2090s. After all, if the whole concept is a cop out of time trying to adapt to the world around him, you’d better maintain that.

That’s fairly similar to the previous film though, so perhaps we could invert the story of Demolition Man 2 a bit and find a now soft and kind John Spartan thrown into an angry world full of violence and explosions. In any case, hopefully they can finally explain the three seashells while they’re at it.