Supernatural star Emily Swallow Teases About The Fight Against God

Emily Swallow or more known as The Darkness in Supernatura has a role to play in Sam and Dean Winchester’s desperate bid to stop God from destroying all of creation. Last week on Supernatural, Team Free Will realized they needed to destroy Amara as well as her brother Chuck in order to maintain universal balance. … Read more

Emily Swallow has discussed her time on Supernatural

Supernatural star Emily Swallow has discussed her time on the show, praising not only the cast and crew but also the “incredible” fans. Swallow plays Amara – who featured heavily in season 11 and recently made a return for the 15th and final season – and speaking to Digital Spy, she only had positive things … Read more

Emily Swallow (Amara) talks about the final season of Supernatural

Chuck (Rob Benedict) is causing some serious problems for the Winchesters in the final season of Supernatural. Staging a family reunion helped a few seasons ago with Amara (Emily Swallow). Might that be the case here? Well, right now, Amara wants nothing to do with her brother, as she made clear when he sought her … Read more