Emily Swallow or more known as The Darkness in Supernatura has a role to play in Sam and Dean Winchester’s desperate bid to stop God from destroying all of creation. Last week on Supernatural, Team Free Will realized they needed to destroy Amara as well as her brother Chuck in order to maintain universal balance. In “Gimme Shelter,” they convinced her to join their side, but it’s only a matter of time until she realizes the truth — and now Amara actor Emily Swallow has offered a glimpse of what’s to come for her character.

Asked if she ever expected to return to the role, Swallow told CBR, “Oh my gosh! I never expected to. I really hoped that I would, but they have introduced so many incredible characters, so I didn’t have any reason to think that I would be asked over anyone else. When I found out that they were bringing me back, I was so excited. I love everyone in that cast. I love that I got to work with Rob [Benedict]. But then, I did that first episode, and I didn’t know if I would come back again. So every time they called me up again, I was like, ‘Oh, good! Yeah!’ I’m so glad to be part of the last chapter of the show.”

She also addressed how Amara’s attitude towards the Winchesters’ final stand against God will evolve over the next handful of episodes. “Well, I think that the thing that finally made her go, ‘Okay, maybe so,’ was Dean and how he’s the one person who gave her a chance back in Season 11,” she explained. “He was the one person who listened to her. Even if he wasn’t fully on her side, he gave her a space to talk. Like nobody else was really — they were just all like, ‘You’re wrong! Chuck’s right! Go away,’ and he really listened to her.”

“Even though things did not wind up going well between Amara and Chuck after they went off into like — Oh my gosh, we’ve come up with so many different ideas about what that family counseling must have been like and all the adventures that they had before they just had to be like, ‘Alright, I’ve had enough of you!’ But he kind of saved her at the end of Season 11, because she didn’t want to end everything, but she felt like she had no choice and he was able to see what it is that she truly needed,” she continued.

“Even if it didn’t end spectacularly, that was the hole that needed to be filled for her, and so I think that she truly values that,” she added. “She truly values his feelings, and so for him to make this raw, honest appeal to her, I think there’s just no way that she can ignore it. I think that’s why she says, ‘All right, let me see if there’s’ — but she doesn’t quite know how she’s gonna get involved, because Chuck is her only family. So as much as she hates him, it’s not just like, ‘Okay, yeah, I hope you get rid of him.’ It’s much more complicated than that, which makes for much more interesting drama on television.”

As to where the final episodes will take Amara and Dean’s relationship, she teased, “Well, I think fans will be relieved to know that we’re past the point where they’re not gonna make out anymore. I think that they’re still sort of trying to figure out what they are to each other. One of the things I love is that you can’t really put it in a neat little box, what these two people — beings, whatever you want to call them — are to each other, but they just have this connection that they can’t ignore, and it goes both ways.”

“In Season 11, it was so hard for him to hurt her because there was just something that didn’t make sense to him, and that he felt like he should be running from, but it connected them,” she said. “There’s just some kindred spirit that these two share, and I think that it’s going to be confusing for both of them, as to how to move forward with everything that’s happening because of that.”

Finally, she offered three words to sum up Amara’s role in the conflict to come: “It gets complicated.”

Source: cbr.com