Monsterland’s Episode 3 “New Orleans, Louisiana” Finally Explained [SPOILER]

Hulu’s new horror anthology series, Monsterland, explores more than just bogeymen hiding under your bed or chainsaw-bearing slashers thirsty for murder; it explores the worst of human nature—greed, jealousy, wrath—proving that the scariest thing of all isn’t lurking around some corner. It’s often just within us, our most sinister qualities bubbling under the surface. Episode … Read more

‘Lucifer’: The symbols on his wall, finally explained

Lucifer Morningstar boasts an extravagant lifestyle in Lucifer, including his over-the-top, lavish penthouse above his L.A. nightclub. Perhaps the strangest part of his living quarters is the wall that separates his bedroom from the rest of the space — a wall inscribed with cuneiform signs. This décor is not only elaborate, but also a strange … Read more