Bojack Horseman’s Last season is going to be the cherry on the top of the cake

Five years ago, Netflix released an animated series about a middle-aged anthropomorphic horse struggling to find meaning in his life after a brief moment of sitcom fame. I can only imagine how persuasive creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg must have been to successfully pitch this concept, which is one of the most absurd TV setups of all … Read more

The Favorite scenes of Stephen Amell in the Final Season of Arrow

Arrow fans, it’s so hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we are inching closer and closer to the end. Honestly, I am not ready for it, and I’m so, so nervous about what is going to happen on Crisis on Infinite Earths. Like a lot of other fans, my deepest fear is that Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, played … Read more

‘Lucifer’ Last season photo uncovered

Lucifer Season 5 will be debuting on Netflix in 2020, and now the show has revealed a first look photo at one of the episodes from the upcoming final season. According to ET, the episode will be a noir-musical, and is being shot entirely in black and white. The very special episode will take place in the 1940s of an alternate … Read more

Characters in ‘Supernatural’ which we need to see on the last Season

It’s here, folks: the time we all thought would never come — Supernatural is ending with its 15th season. The show has been for some years a perfect engine of self-perpetuation by having a just-rabid-enough following and maintaining its place on a second-tier cable network that needs Just One Crown Jewel to secure success. Now, … Read more