Steve Howey Believes His ‘Shameless’ Co-Star Noel Fisher Is ‘One of the Best Actors in Hollywood’

During the final season of Shameless, newlyweds Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher attempt to navigate their marriage despite not having clear examples of love from their parents. In episode 6, Mickey struggled to understand what he felt about his homophobic father after an accident left him paralyzed. Many fans called Mickey’s Noel Fisher’s recent performance … Read more

‘Shameless’ star Noel Fisher Shares a First Look At Mickey In Season 11 [PHOTO]

TV fanatics are closer than they’ve ever been to seeing the returns of some of their favorite shows back on their screens. Following the industry-wide shutdown brought on by the global health crisis, various shows are starting to return to production. However, when casts and crews get back to their respective sets, there will be … Read more

‘Shameless’ – Noel Fisher Represent As Dan’s Brother On The Conners [Spoilers]

We’ve known for a few months that Dan’s much younger brother, Little Ed (played by Shameless vet Noel Fisher) would be coming to The Conners this year, but we didn’t know much about when or how. Well, tonight’s episode changed all that, as an adult Little Ed and Dan were finally introduced and, as you … Read more

Noel Fisher has shared a cute selfie with Christian Isaia (Picture)

Noel Fisher (Also known as Mickey Milkovich from “Shameless”) has shared a cute selfie with Christian Isaia (Also known as Liam Gallagher from “Shameless”) The picture was shared in the Instagram profile of Noel Fisher. The description of it is – “Gliding through the week like… #shameless @shameless” You can check the picture bellow: