Shameless RECAP about Season 10 Episode 6 – “Adios Gringos” [SPOILER]

Another Sunday means more craziness from Shameless‘ Gallagher clan living in the South Side of Chicago, and such was the latest case with the December 15 episode, “Adio Gringos.” Now sidled with a baby Frank (William H. Macy) never bargained for when he lent Ingrid (Katey Sagal) “his” genetic material, the patriarch’s story is only one piece … Read more

How The Newest ‘Shameless’ Characters impact the show

Showtime’s Shameless recently reached a pivotal point when Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher, the matriarchal glue that presumably held the family together, left the building. In Season 10, the obvious challenge will be to not only maintain the same level of family shenanigans as usual but also sustain the emotional core that Fiona represented. Will the series succeed or … Read more

What do you want to see on Shameless season 10 episode 5?

Entering Shameless season 10 episode 5 on Showtime, we feel like we can already say one thing with confidence: It’s a new chapter! After spending the first batch of episodes behind bars, Ian is finally back out and with that in mind, there are some exciting stories to explore. Take, for example, how he deals … Read more