Jensen Ackles shares details and photo for his 12th day of Quarantine

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles shares details and photo for his 12th day of Quarantine in his social media profiles. Here’s what he said – “Day 12 of Quarantine. I’m finally…officially…bored with myself. I’ve read all the scripts, watched all the shows, caught up on all the movies… I’ve started to cook…oh and draw. Send help … Read more

‘The Boys’ Scene That A Lot Of Fans Think Went Too Far

One would think it should take a lot for fans of The Boys to feel like a certain scene went too far. After all, Amazon Studios’ sizzling superhero send-up is a series seemingly built on going too far. When a Compound-V-addicted A-Train (Jessie Usher) accidentally kills Robin (Jess Salgueiro) while running his drug errands, he … Read more

Jensen Ackles shares a quarantine photo

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles shares a quarantine photo in his social media profiles. In the photo, we can see, that Jensen lets his hair and beard grown up. reminds you, that The Boys producer asked Jensen Ackles to grow some hair, so they can style him better for the show. You can check the … Read more

‘Supernatural’ writers and producers are reuniting on ‘The Boys’ Season 3

A number of writers and producers on the hit CW series “Supernatural” are reuniting on Amazon’s “The Boys,” Variety has learned exclusively. “The Boys” was developed for Amazon by “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke, who also serves as showrunner. Joining him behind the scenes going into “The Boys’” third season are Meredith Glynn, David Reed, and … Read more

The Boys season 3 begins filming early in 2021 and showrunner drops a little tease about Jensen Ackles’ debut

The Boys are getting ready for another round with the supes. While coronavirus has delayed many production schedules, including Amazon’s satirical superhero series, showrunner Eric Kripke has announced The Boys season 3 will start filming in “early 2021. Season 3 will formally introduce Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, the original superhero, and Kripke … Read more

The Boys showrunner clarifies Jensen Ackles’ character in the 3rd season of show

The producer of The Boys has clarified Jensen Ackles’ character in season 3. Earlier this year, it was announced the Supernatural star will join the forthcoming season of the Amazon series, which recently aired its shocking season 2 finale. Ackles will play Soldier Boy – the so-called “original superhero”, who fought in World War II … Read more

The Boys Season 3: Two New “Heroes” Are Coming (VIDEO)

ATTENTION! This articles may contain SPOILERS for Season 3 of The Boys!!! Streaming on Amazon Prime, The Boys has tweaked the original comic book series multiple times, changing the major characters and reinventing them in interesting ways. One such upcoming example will be Soldier Boy, a minor footnote from the original series, who looks to … Read more

Jared Padalecki Greets His Screen Brother For His New Role In ‘The Boys’

Jared Padalecki shared a post, where he greets his ‘Supernatural brother’ – Jensen Ackles, for the role in ‘The Boys’. remind you, that yesterday Jensen Ackles announced, that he’ll be joining Season 3 of ‘The Boys’. Here’s what Jared Padalecki shared about the news – “We’ve been “The Boys” for fifteen years, so it’s … Read more