‘Game of Thrones’ with an explanation about the strange tweets

Yesterday (November 26), the official Game of Thrones Twitter account simply posted “winter is coming”, and while they might have just been talking about the weather by using one of the show’s biggest quotes, people were convinced that it was a tease for something more. Now, the account has followed up that tweet with… an announcement for Game of Thrones: … Read more

Stefan’s big CallBack to Legacies

Legacies continues giving odes to its predecessor series The Vampire Diaries in Season 2. This time with a big Stefan callback. The late Salvatore brother was the subject of another nostalgic touchstone to the series that started it all ten years ago. Did you catch it? If you tuned into the latest episode of Legacies Season 2, you might have. Legacies’ executive producer Brett … Read more