They both starred separately in two of the biggest sitcoms of the past few decades, but Courteney Cox and Kaley Cuoco’s latest Instagram snap has made us wishing more than ever that a Friends and The Big Bang Theory crossover would happen.

Posting a photo of the two actors to her Instagram with the caption ‘Big Bang Friends’, Courteney Cox gave us an insight into what a potential friendship between Monica and Penny would look like.

The two have quite a bit in common, having had starring roles in two of the most successful sitcoms ever, with The Big Bang Theory wrapping up earlier this year after a run of 12 years and Friends currently celebrating its 25th anniversary since it launched, having run from 1994 to 2004.

Both shows have other similarities too. They both take place across ‘hallways’ between apartments, they both have a local hang out place – a coffee shop versus a comic book store – and could Penny and Leonard be any more Rachel and Ross?

Friends/The Big Bang Theory crossover Provider: Instagram/courteneycoxofficial
Is that Kaley and Courteney… or Penny and Monica? (Instagram: @courteneycoxofficial) But although both series saw an array of guest stars on their shows, we never got to see any of the cast of Friends appear on The Big Bang Theory, despite Kaley previously saying she’d have loved Jennifer Aniston to appear on the show.

‘I love her so much, she’s also my style icon,’ Kaley enthused to AOL Entertainment earlier this year.

‘I’m obsessed with her, because she’s always so effortless and cool.

‘I don’t want to say that it looks like she doesn’t try, because she obviously tries, but she just looks like the coolest chick around.’

We’ve still got our fingers crossed for some sort of anniversary reunion crossover in the years to come…


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