The Big Bang Theory became so popular so quickly because of characters whose type had not been explored on television before.

Four nerdy guys, extremely intelligent, but very nerdy and struggling with socialization.

Some would say that one of them was always more of a bridge to the outside world.

The one who struggled the least with his words, and the one who ended up with the biggest crush on a friendly neighbor. Meet Leonard Hofstadter.

Leonard has always been portrayed as a character who is nerdy, but to the point where it doesn’t interfere with his social skills.

Like all of his friends, he’s very interested in science and works as an experimental physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He also loves sci-fi, referencing almost every popular franchise throughout the seasons.

That’s why it’s so hard to believe that Leonard could miss something as important as Harry Potter.

Yes, it’s not exactly sci-fi, but surely it would catch his attention, given the boom in popularity the franchise had after the first movie was released.

They even got Leonard to admit that he doesn’t know why he avoided the books for so long!

While it was undoubtedly funny to see Leonard bombarded with spoilers by Penny and Sheldon throughout the episode, it wasn’t believable.

Of the four friends, you would think Leonard would be the closest to the outside world. And Harry Potter is so popular that it definitely couldn’t be overlooked.

Thankfully, Harry Potter gets its fair share of mentions as the series progresses, so it looks like the franchise has found a special place in Leonard’s heart after all.

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By Damyan Ivanov

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