The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, who turns 35 today, updated her social media profiles with a power sweat session for her 6.2 million followers, with footage showing the sitcom star burning off last night’s birthday cake and doing it in the holiday spirit.

The video shows us Kaley in full beast mode and boxing it out with her trainer. Shot indoors and with giant chrome refrigerators in the background, the girl behind Penny punched it out, wearing tight black yoga pants, a baggy matching t-shirt, plus colorful sneakers and a giant pair of white gloves. A ponytail finish kept things simple as Kaley powered up.

Kaley clocked herself over 50,000 views in just 13 minutes, with the comments coming in fast.”Happy birthday!!!” came in from many a follower, with one fan writing: “The buns had front row seats to the fight.” More after the video.

The description of the video is -“Started my birthday off with a nice kick in the a$$ courtesy of @ryan_sorensen ! Anyone else working out to Christmas music? Or just me?! 🤣 🎄 💪 🥊”

You can find the video below:


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