The sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended in May 2019 after 12 years of science-fuelled humour and, on the whole, managed to find satisfying conclusions for its beloved characters.

But some followers weren’t impressed with lovable Raj Koothrappali’s fate as the hopeless romantic – who had spent years searching for his true love – was the only one of the central characters to be single at the end of the show, despite managing to score a date with Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Raj’s ending divided fans, with many upset that Raj’s quest for love ultimately hadn’t been successful within the show’s timeline. But actor Kunal Nayyar has defended Raj’s fate, revealing to that he actually thought it was perfect.

“I find it quite poignant that the one character that believed in true love so much was the one who didn’t, in the end, find it,” he explained. “It’s beautiful! It doesn’t have to be so formulaic, that’s what I loved about the show – it doesn’t have to be a certain way, you know?”

Kunal was also keen to point out that although the show is over the lives of the characters would still have continued in their world, so Raj still has the potential to find love – and get himself into trouble.

“In the world of these characters, they wake up the next morning, and their life continues,” he said. “So somewhere, these guys are living and having a great life and their adventures are continuing.

“That’s why it was not some big bang ending you know? Like someone moves, and someone dies, or something like that. It was because we’re saying goodbye to the show, but in their lives, they’re continuing on.

“I don’t know what Raj is doing. But we have this Hindi word called masti. He’s up to some mischief. So wherever he is, he’s doing some masti!”

Kunal may still be thinking about Raj but he’s also moved on to new acting projects, including a very different role in the second season of Netflix drama Criminal as dangerous Sandeep Singh.

The actor has previously revealed that he was very keen to take on a project that was so different, saying that “it was important to do something that completely breaks the barrier”.