The one universal truth every human must eventually face is that death comes for us all. Rich, poor, famous, infamous, everyone eventually shuffles off this mortal coil. This morning brings with it the sad news of the passing of horror legend Sid Haig.

Boasting a Hollywood career that stretches back to the 1960s, and a resume with over 100 acting credits on it, Haig has appeared in lots of memorable projects and played lots of memorable roles. Chief among them is the delightfully twisted Captain Spaulding.

Introduced in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, and returning for The Devil’s Rejects, the quick-witted, yet always threatening, clown is arguably Zombie’s greatest creation to date. Spaulding also played a small role in the recent 3 From Hell.

Haig’s passing was revealed by his wife Suzie, in an absolutely heartbreaking post on his Instagram account that can be seen below. The actor’s death occurred on Saturday, September 21st, and clearly came as quite a shock to his loved ones.

In early September, Haig was admitted to the ICU following a bad fall, and while a serious matter, Suzie released an update last week suggesting her husband’s recovery was going in the right direction. Sadly, something happened to change that course.

Renowned for both his work and his reputation for being friendly and kind to his fans, Haig’s appreciation for his success was always evident. We here at iHorror bid a fond farewell to a legend, and extend our condolences to Sid Haig’s family, friends, and fans.

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