Season five of Lucifer is filming at the moment as the show prepares to bow out. With the new episodes being shot, there’s been speculation about what the last run will hold. Looking at the comic books could offer up some ideas of what could happen. One intriguing notion could be from the Cold Heaven issue from 2016 which puts Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Eillis) in quite a predicament.

In Lucifer: Cold Heaven, the Devil returns to find that his father God has been murdered.

Lucifer will be the prime suspect given his daddy issues and will have to clear his name by finding the culprit.

With help from Gabriel, Lucifer set out to solve the murder before Heaven and Hell descend into chaos.

Lucifer must race against time to find the perpetrator as the status quo begins to shift between angels and demons.

Although the Lucifer TV series has become its own entity over the years, perhaps the final series could take leaf out of the source material.

Given Lucifer ended up in the Hell in the last series, perhaps the new series could take an even more supernatural direction.

The idea of Lucifer solving the death of his father would also be a neat end to the series given he’s been assisting the LAPD on homicide cases.

Lucifer could also return to Heaven’s Silver City and take up his father’s place on the throne in the ultimate redemption arc.

This storyline would allow for more backstory into Lucifer’s past and his family as the show ties up the loose ends.

On top of that, the show could also introduce Gabriel, who in the comics is a disgraced angel.

Gabriel could be a strong addition to the show with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) already being a firm fixture on the show.

If Gabriel is also depicted as a less-than-perfect angel, it could add more context to Lucifer and his motivations.

Viewers will have to wait and see but star Tom Ellis seemed to drop a hint about season five recently.

He shared a shot of a door with his 4.8 million followers and the captioned it: “It feels like I’m locked out of heaven’ love this #bts shot taken by @joshstyle #Luciferseason5 @lucifernetflix.”

The post could hint that Lucifer is still very much out of favour with God and Heaven – but could all that be about to change?

Judging from this post, Heaven and Hell are both going to become important entities in the last series.

The last season is bound to see the stakes being raised one last time and this would be the ultimate battle with Lucifer caught in the middle.

Lucifer season 5 will be released on Netflix in 2020

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