At first glance, Joseph Morgan’s new character in Brave New World, CJack60, seems like the polar opposite of his beloved character from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson. But Morgan says the two actually ended up having more in common than he originally thought, which might be why they made for such a fun round of one of TV Guide’s favorite games: Who Would You Rather?

“Originally I thought they were opposite ends of the scale because, here’s a thousand-year-old vampire-werewolf hybrid, who is sort of the self-proclaimed king of New Orleans,” Morgan told TV Guide. “And then here’s CJack60, who’s basically the lowest of the low and the caretaker. I felt like, first of all, they’re opposite ends certainly of the social scale, but I think there are similarities… In one way, Klaus is like a one-man army, and if you take all the CJacks, he literally is an army.”

Those kinds of similarities forced Morgan to make some difficult decisions when asked which of his characters he’d rather have help him out with certain scenarios, like backing him up in a fight, throwing a bachelor party, or even hiding a dead body. Ultimately though, he decided neither CJack60 nor Klaus Mikaelson would be much help if he needed someone to give him love advice, and on that count, we kind of have to agree. Neither character is very well suited to romance!

The video is below: