Actress Nina Dobrev and her snowboarder/skateboarder boyfriend Shaun White spent their Memorial Day weekend at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, with Dobrev revealing an injury she sustained.

The 33-year-old Bulgaria native has a history of being injury-prone, with close friend Julianne Hough revealing on an Ellen episode in January she has taken Dobrev to urgent care, ‘more times than I can count.’

The actress took to Instagram on Monday, sharing some fun snaps from her Fresh Vine Wine party she hosted on a yacht before the big race… which resulted in a bloody knee injury.

‘Wanna host a 3 day @freshvinewine yacht party at the Monaco Grand Prix? What could possibly go wrong? When you’re me, something always does …’ Dobrev said in the caption of her post.

The post included 10 photos, starting with the actress holding both a bottle and a glass of Fresh Vine Wine, donning a black-and-white striped ensemble. She also shared a brief video of the boat, with the actress walking up in a white ensemble, sticking out her thumb as if to ‘hitch’ a ride.

Dobrev also shared a snap of another celeb couple – actress Zoey Deutch and comedian/actor Jimmy Tatro. She also shared a snap of her own boyfriend Shaun White, clad in a white hat, white t-shirt and black shorts while enjoying a glass of wine.

The Vampire Diaries star also shared snaps of Fresh Vine Wine bottles and her in a red and black ensemble, before she got injured.

The third-to-last photo showed the actress in a black dress with her left leg propped up, with the second-to-last shot showed her pointing to her scraped knee as the boat’s medical officer tended to her. Her final snap showed a close-up of her bloodied knee, though she kept her sense of humor about it in the comments.

IndyCar driver Marco Andretti commented, ‘Can you literally go anywhere without getting hurt ⁉️’

Dobrev responded, ‘I actually can’t. It’s been proven that it’s impossible.’

By Damyan Ivanov

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