The Vampire Diaries team is reuniting for a new horror fantasy series – The Forbidden Game.

Based on the trilogy of horror YA novels by LJ Smith, the new series is being adapted for Warner Bros. Television (WBTV). Smith is also the author of the Vampire Diaries books, which were adapted for The CW.

The series, which is now officially looking for a writer, is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden.

The official description for the series reads: “The Forbidden Game is a teen horror trilogy of novels in which a girl named Jenny and six friends enter a Jumanji-like game that drops them into different shadow worlds to fight off their worst nightmares, or die and have their souls forever imprisoned.

“The stakes are set by Julian, an enigmatic blue-eyed boy who moves freely between worlds. Jenny is determined to save herself and her friends, but when she starts to fall in love with Julian her loyalties are tested beyond anything she has ever experienced.”

Published in 1994, The Forbidden Game trilogy consists of the books The Hunter, The Chase and The Kill.

Elsewhere, Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley recently reunited for a very different kind of project.

The two actors, who played bloodsucking brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore for eight seasons of the supernatural drama, recently announced their new brand of bourbon whiskey, Brother’s Bond (what else would it be called?).