The Winchesters, which premiered on October 11, 2022 on The CW, is a dark fantasy drama, and a spin-off of the famous and long-running – the longest running live-action fantasy on American TV, in fact – Supernatural series.

The Winchesters is developed by Robbie Thompson, who has recently been interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, and in that interview made comments on a certain controversial plot turn of The Winchesters’, and on how that might impact prospects of Supernatural’s revival.

In case you’re not following the new series, Season 1 finale of The Winchesters confirmed that it takes place in an alternate universe.

And the whole Multiverse angle is used so often in various recent films and TV series, to which the concept crept gradually from superhero comics, that a lot of the viewers are getting quite tired of it. Plus, depending on how well it is executed, not only the big bad, but also a good part of the audience can come to the conclusion that in the world like this no action or outcome actually matters.

Thus, the controversy, particularly as a lot of the old fans might suspect the showrunners’ motives, after already accusing The Winchesters of being a shameless cash grab, a common theme in Rotten Tomatoes’ audience reviews.

However, Robbie Thompson feels that this approach creates much storytelling potential. But most importantly, he believes that his duty when writing The Winchesters was not stepping on the toes of any potential sequels to the main series:

“But when we started thinking about the multiverse path, it did a couple things for us. Obviously it leaves the Supernatural universe intact. So whenever the boys, and I fully believe they’ll put the boots on again — it’s a question of when, not if — they both can step into those shoes and not be encumbered by anything. That was important. “

As you can see, Thompson is utterly convinced that a revival of Supernatural, which ended – for now – in 2020, is inevitable. As he is likely to have some inside information, it quite probably means that such revival is already being contemplated.

After all, he also said: “We did not want to do anything that would upend past, present, and most importantly, future ‘Supernatural.'”

So, looks like the fans of the original series, even those disappointed by the spin-off, can start rejoicing. And waiting for announcements from The CW.


By Damyan Ivanov

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