The Winchesters are heading back to The CW television screen to fight demons, ghosts, vampires, and any other supernatural creature that comes their way. In The Winchesters spinoff, we watch Sam and Dean’s parents — Mary and John — take down all the evil forces along with their rag-tag group of friends. With a new added twist to the Supernatural universe, Dean narrates each episode as he fills in the blanks about his parents torrid love story. But what else should we expect from The Winchesters?

Throughout its 15-season run, Supernatural saw its fair share of monsters from various lore and legend books. Fans tuned in every week for Sam and Dean, but they stayed for the monsters. The show explored Greek gods, demons, local legends in small towns across the United States, and even took some material from the Bible. The show created an endless possibility of different creatures that could hit TV screens every week. But which monsters should return to The Winchesters for the fans of Supernatural? Here are the top monsters for the fans.


According to All That’s Interesting, Djinns, also sometimes known as Genies, are cave-dwelling hermits that have the power to produce powerful hallucinations. With just one touch, the Djinn puts a person into one of their deepest dreams, almost a coma-like state, allowing the monster to feed on them. The only way to defeat a Djinn is with a sliver knife dipped in lamb’s blood. Although this monster isn’t the scariest in the Supernatural universe, some would argue that going back into the deep recesses of their brain is terrifying enough.


When people start dying in an orchard field, that can only mean one thing: a monster. The scarecrow is a manifestation of the Norse god Vanir, who is an ancient deity of fertility. The townspeople sacrifice wayward travelers to the deity and, in turn, are blessed with bountiful crops. The only way to kill this god was to burn the sacred tree that gave the manifestation it’s power. This monster was the first encounter that Sam and Dean had to deal with god-like power.


Shapeshifters are the most “human”-like monster within the Supernatural universe. These monsters have the ability to take on the shape of any human at any time. Shapeshifters live in the sewers, which gives them the stereotypical monster facade. This is where they can shed their skin, teeth, and nails as they take on their desired human shape. However, the shapeshifter has one important weakness: silver. One bullet or knife to the heart and this monster is out for good.


Angels were always thought to be sweet winged creatures that were there to watch over us. However, it seems as if Supernatural was trying to debunk that theory. Archangels are just as monstrous as any other creature that viewers have seen on the show, and, in a way, they may be worse. They have unlimited power and can transport literally anywhere in the world. The only thing that can take an angel down is one of their own blades, if a hunter can get their hands on one.


Death was the ultimate monster that Sam and Dean had to overcome, and in most seasons they did. Reapers showed up in their final moments before they were taken away. Reapers were the most powerful of all creatures on Supernatural as their power was final. The boys were able to talk their way out of death multiple times throughout the fifteen season run. The only known way to take down Death was his own scythe.


Want to see a trick? The Trickster loved to play tricks on anyone he deemed would provide him enjoyable entertainment. Sometimes that entertainment came at the expense of Sam and Dean. In the beginning of trickster’s time on the show, the trickster was a demigod who warped reality (via CBR). While the Supernatural lore kept expanding, the viewers learned that the trickster was actually archangel Gabriel. This makes this monster a wild card as you never know what mood you might catch him in: playful or revengeful.


The demon dogs themselves are one of Supernatural’s most terrifying monsters. The only ones who can see these creatures are those who made a deal with the devil. However, hellhounds will take a bite out of anyone who gets in-between them and their chew toy. Dean himself was attacked by hell’s pitbull after he made a deal to save his brother. The only way to take out a hellhound is by Meg’s demon knife or an angel blade.


Demons have been a part of the Supernatural canon since the conception of the show. They are Lucifer’s minions and have done his bidding since the dawn of creation. The Yellow Eyes demon was the most powerful and elusive demon that the Winchesters faced. This demon not only took away the boys’ mother, but father as well. The only way Sam and Dean were able to take him out was a colt made by Samuel Colt.


By Damyan Ivanov

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