The Netflix show ‘The Witcher’ has lost a major cast role for the next season because of COVID-19 scheduling problems.

The star Thue Ersted Rasmussen actually made scenes as Geralt’s (Henry Cavill) fellow Witcher Eskel earlier this year, but has announced on his social media profiles, that he wil not be able to return to filming.

“Sadly, due to the rescheduling because of Covid-19, I will not be portraying Eskel in The Witcher,” he wrote to followers. “It’s heartbreaking, of course, but I mostly feel happy and grateful for the days I got to spend on set earlier this year. Everyone was extremely engaged and passionate about the project and it was a truly inspiring experience.”

Rasmussen wanted the rest of The Witcher’s team and crew the “best of luck with the rest of production”, predicting that “season 2 will be absolutely amazing”.

“Now I get to watch it as a fanboy instead of a Witcher,” he added.

Digital Spy has reached out to Netflix for information on recasting the role of Eskel now that Thue Ersted Rasmussen has had to bow out.

Filming resumed on The Witcher earlier than expected in August, when director Stephen Surjik shared a photo of the series’ state-of-the-art “covid communication system” on Instagram.


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This process allowed Surjik and series showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to communicate with the actors and other crew through social distancing, in order to maintain best practices during the pandemic.

“First day back after mid spring lock down on Witcher S2. Learning to social distance with my show runner /Exec producer, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich,” Surjik told fans. “She can conjure narrative and character with a muscular control like the great Houdini.”