Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ is causing a sensation at the box office, having been crowned a blockbuster in theaters. This marks SRK’s second venture of 2023 following ‘Pathaan.’ Released on September 7, under Atlee’s direction, the film has shown no signs of the SRK phenomenon slowing down, with theaters consistently packed. SRK, in his role as the ‘Chief’ of a formidable and fearless girl gang, is receiving accolades from his fans for his unwavering presence. However, keen-eyed fans have noticed that certain scenes and the storyline bear resemblance to the popular Spanish web series ‘Money Heist,’ where a criminal mastermind known as ‘The Professor’ leads a team of eight skilled members, each with unique abilities.

A fan-made video that recently went viral highlights the striking similarities between SRK’s blockbuster and the Netflix hit series. From Nayanthara’s character in ‘Jawan,’ bearing a strong resemblance to the female officer in ‘Money Heist,’ to SRK’s use of various disguises during his heist, mirroring The Professor’s tactics to evade capture, the clip showcases these parallels.

The video also showcases other resemblances, including a kissing scene between the lead actors and a moment where the lead actor is captured and tortured but subsequently released when the officer-in-charge goes into labour.

Watch the Viral Video:

Beyond the video, certain elements in ‘Jawan’ have led viewers to dub it as a Hindi version of ‘Money Heist.’ The characters wearing distinctive masks throughout the series resemble SRK’s iconic bandage mask look. Additionally, a scene where SRK confronts Sanjay Dutt and unveils voting machines features a dramatic moment reminiscent of a similar scene involving Denver’s character during a major revelation in ‘Money Heist.’

Despite these comparisons, ‘Jawan’ is steadily approaching the Rs 400-crore mark in India. As of September 13, it has amassed a domestic collection of Rs 368 crore. Directed by Atlee, this action-thriller has also crossed the impressive milestone of Rs 600 crore worldwide within just one week of release. No doubt, the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer continues to exert a formidable hold at the box office.


By Damyan Ivanov

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