Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are part of the same universe and made largely by the same team and yet have had only minimal crossover. That could all change, however, on the former series’ first-ever Halloween episode, coming this October to The CW and Netflix.

Here’s everything the showrunners have said about a CAOS and Riverdale crossover so far.

As this year will be the first-ever Halloween episode of the series, it would certainly be a missed opportunity we did not get a little Greendale in Riverdale.

However, the showrunners have previously spoken about the difficulty of the two worlds crossing ever.

Season one of Sabrina, however, saw Ben Button (played by Moses Thiessen) cameo on the Netflix show after dying in Riverdale, so a crossover is definitely possible.

The Riverdale Halloween episode was revealed by Betty Cooper actress Lili Reinhart at San Diego Comic-Con.

She said: “There is a Halloween episode which is going to be fun.”

However, she warned: “I’m sure someone will die in it, because why wouldn’t that happen?”

Previously, Riverdale and CAOS showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa ruled out a Sabrina and Riverdale crossover.

He revealed to EW that at one point, he had intended Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) to arrive in Riverdale at the end of series one and have her become the villain in season two.

However, he said he decided against this because: “It felt like if Riverdale is crime and pulp and all that stuff, then Sabrina could be horror.

“It felt like there was a separation between Greendale and Riverdale — magic should exist in Greendale, but not in Riverdale.”

However, Halloween could provide a bridge between the two series, with the arrival of All Souls Day allowing the spread of dark magic into Riverdale.

Then again, even if the fans want to see Sabrina and Archie team up, the cast members have previously revealed that they do not want to be part of a crossover.

Josie actress Ashleigh Murray told Variety: “I like the fact there is a show that is enjoyable for many people that doesn’t require capes or magicians or any sort of superpower.”

Last year, former cast member Luke Perry added: “Riverdale’ is freaky on its own — We’ve managed to dial up the freak factor without magic and all that stuff.”

However, that does not mean that we will not see one of Greendale’s less magical residents make an appearance.

However, fans will have to tune in at Halloween to see if someone like Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch) could turn up in the series.

Riverdale season 4 starts October 9 on The CW and October 10 on Netflix

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