‘Breaking Bad’ big star Bryan Cranston has shared information about the future of his known character Walter White after his most-recent appearance as Walter in El Camino.

Walter White maybe died in the last ever episode of Breaking Bad but he  make a special appearance in sequel movie El Camino through the medium of flashback, as Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman thought back to his days working in the drugs trade with his former teacher.

‘Breaking Bad’ followers were delighted to see Walter again, if only for the duration of one scene, but with one season of prequel series Better Call Saul still to come – and the events of that series getting ever closer to the early events of Breaking Bad – a lot of are hoping that we’ll see a younger version of Walter in that too.

But Cranston has said The Hollywood Reporter that he’s okay with how he left Walter’s story and he’s keen not to over-expose his famous character.

“I was content with the end of Breaking Bad. I thought it was the perfect ending,” he said. “I know I’m biased, but I don’t recall seeing the ending of a show that was so well-constructed, satisfying and legitimate. Everything just seemed to fall into place so extraordinarily well.”

He also said: “They say ‘less is more’ and in many ways, that’s so true. You want to leave an audience wanting more, as we know. That old adage is very true. Don’t give them more than they want.

“If they start looking at their watch, you’re done. You lost ’em. We want them to go, ‘Holy shit, it’s over? That was an hour? It felt like 20 minutes!’ That’s what you want, and they crave more because it was so well-crafted.”

The star also shared that he was “so happy” to feature in El Camino, praising his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul and the show’s creator Vince Gilligan.

“I was thrilled that Aaron was able to be number one on the call sheet. He so deserved it and to finish telling his story,” he said. “I was there to support him and support Vince Gilligan.

“Aaron and I both say, if he starts to ask a question, we just say, ‘Look, the answer is yes, whatever you’re going to ask. We’ll do whatever.’ He changed our lives. So we’re eternally grateful to him and happy to do it.”

The star joked that he’d love to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ one more time with somebody who’s never seen it, just so that he can enjoy their reactions to its twists and turns.

“I would like to watch it again with someone or two or three people who have never seen it,” he said, adding, “It would be fun to see their reaction because I will have forgotten a lot of things, and then when you start watching, you go, ‘Oh, I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to watch my friend get this reaction.’ So I kind of get two shows out of one.”

Source: digitalspy.com