While Lucifer fans are still patiently waiting for the fifth season of the Netflix drama to drop, there has been some exciting news about the future of the show. Here’s everything fans need to know about whether season six has been confirmed and all of the latest updates.

Has Lucifer season 6 been made official?
Back in 2019, the creators of Lucifer revealed the show would be ending with a fifth and final season.

Due to be released very soon, season five was expected to air across two parts as viewers say goodbye to the much-loved characters. However, back in February, there was some hope the show could end up carrying on past this.

According to TV Line, talks began between Warner Brothers TV and Netflix for a potential season six.

Viewers have been eagerly awaiting any news about the show’s future since. Then back in April, just when it seemed close to being announced, there were rumours Tom Ellis’ contract negotiations had fallen through.

But now after the rollercoaster of emotions for Lucifans, Deadline has reported Ellis has finished his contract negotiations for a sixth season. According to the publication after a lengthy negotiation, Ellis has signed on for another outing. Deadline’s sources also confirmed the rest of the cast and the series showrunners are all on board.

However, as of yet, Netflix has not made the official announcement for the show to return. Although, the publication has revealed it seems to be a matter of time for the announcement now.

Over the past few months, some of the stars have also been discussing their potential return. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this year, Maze star Lesley Ann-Brandt teased the possibility.

She told the publication: “I do feel like it would be fun to explore, especially where we end off on season five.

“That being said, I feel like our show is peaking and I want us to end on that – pow! That was amazing!”

As well as this, Linda star Rachael Harris also discussed the potential season six.

She told fans in an Instagram video: “We have Lucifer season five, and we’re getting ready to do season six.”

As soon as Netflix releases any more news about season six, tvserieswelove.com will keep fans updated. In the meantime, the first half of season five is expected to land on the platform very soon.

Showrunner Ildy Modrovich recently teased fans with the news the exact release date would come “soon soon” on Twitter. This will feature the first eight episodes of the latest outing as viewers catch up with Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) after he’s returned to Hell.

Source: express.co.uk