At the moment, we’re still in a holding pattern when it comes to a Lucifer season 5 premiere date at Netflix… so why not look towards the future? Also, why not hope for a little bit of good news? We’re all certainly in a spot where we could use some of it at the moment.

What we know at the moment in terms of a Lucifer season 6 renewal is this: There are a number of people eager and hoping that it is going to happen. We also know that there are a lot of things already in place. Executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich already have a deal to come back, and the same goes for star Tom Ellis. There are some parts of the renewal process that are already in motion … but nothing is official as of yet.

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So why the wait? It may just have to do with finding the right time for the announcement, or making sure everything is 100% cemented contractually. It’s still not a sure thing that another season happens, but at the moment we’d say that we are very-much confident that we will get more. Patience is just required, just as patience is going to be important for just about everything in life at the moment. Real-life events are causing schedules for just about everything in the entertainment industry to go all over the place. Nothing is as it once was, but we hope that in the months to come, the world will start to stabilize. (Stay safe, everyone!)

We don’t think that anything has changed in regards to our hopes that a Lucifer season 6 will happen. The only thing that really has is that we’re in a spot now where there are only so many different things become a priority — there’s a good chance renewal news will come this month but even if it doesn’t, that is not some sort of terrible sign.

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At the moment, the earliest we expect Lucifer season 5 to start streaming is when we get around to next month.

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