After weeks of shooting and set photo reveals, Stephen Amell has finished shooting the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

To commemorate the occasion, the Arrow star shared an emotional Instagram video where he revealed he finished filming his scenes for what will be his final Arrowverse crossover.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths: done. I’m done, the crossover,” the actor said. “I haven’t taken off my Benjamin Button in the third act makeup yet, but I’m done.” While Amell didn’t explain what his reference means, it’s sure to launch plenty of theories as to why he is meant to look younger, at least at a certain point in the crossover.
He then proceeded to thank the leads, casts and crews of every CW superhero show — The FlashSupergirlDC’s Legends of TomorrowBatwoman and Black Lightning — before once again teasing the impressive scope of the television event. “I think that it’s probably the coolest comic book thing that’s ever been on TV, and that makes my heart happy,” he said.

With his “Crisis” scenes completed, Amell only has one episode left to shoot for Arrow‘s final season before hanging up the green hood for good.


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