The CW is looking for someone to replace Green Arrow

While Stephen Amell’s departure as the Green Arrow from The CW’s multiverse of DC superheroes in the eighth and final season of Arrow seemed to be all but the end of an era, the network is pretty adamant on riding this success wave for as long as they can. Indeed, though “Crisis on Infinite Earths” … Read more

Arrow star Stephen Amell with Thoughts of joining Fortnite

Stephen Amell’s run as the star of Arrow may have come to an end with the series finale of the show that started a whole superhero universe on The CW, but he’ll always be associated with DC’s Green Arrow. In fact, the Green Arrow who is soon making his Fortnite debut was clearly modeled on … Read more

Arrow star Stephen Amell and Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig will be starring in a new tv series drama

Arrow star Stephen Amell and Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig will be starring in a new tv series drama called Heels – a show about independent wrestling. Some new casting news has just been announced, featuring two familiar faces for fans of long-running US dramas. As reported by Deadline, the show has signed up David James … Read more

Arrow star David Ramsey looks set to be returning to the Arrowverse as John Diggle and in a mysterious new role

We definitely haven’t seen the last of David Ramsey, or his on-screen Arrow persona John Diggle, in the Arrowverse: It is officialy confirmed that Ramsey is returning to the CW’s shared superhero universe in 2021, juggling multiple commitments across the several of the shows. First off, Ramsey will guest-star in five episodes in the Arrowverse. … Read more

Arrow star Stephen Amell suggested The CW bring back the show for season 9

Stephen Amell wanted The CW to know Oliver Queen’s return was on the table if actors were unavailable during lockdown The unexpected disruption on The CW’s schedule caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led Arrow star Stephen Amell to make a surprise offer to fill the gaps: undo the Season 8 finale and bring the show … Read more

Stephen Amell praises The Winchester brothers [Picture]

Stephen Amell just uploaded his most current Profil Photo in Facebook. He is wearing a T-Shirt with a mug shot with the Winchesters Stephen Amell is not ashamed to show virtual that he is a big fan of Supernatural and more precisely to the Winchester brothers. Check the Photo bellow:

The Greates Fight Scence in Arrow’s Finale according to Stephen Amell

Arrow star Stephen Amell teased what he refers to as “the action sequence to end all action sequences” for the show’s series finale. “It was like, okay, it’s our last kick at the can. Let’s do the action sequence to end all action sequences for Arrow,” Amell told Collider. “The coolest thing is that, I want to say, … Read more