Lucifer season 5B is going to see the comeback of the hit drama series to Netflix. But will it be delayed until 2021?

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Lucifer’s fans are waiting for the release of the 5th season’s part B on Netflix, which will see Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) back again. Furthermore, a release date for the new series still has not been confirmed, leading some to thinking whether or not it will not air until 2021 – here’s why.

Will Lucifer be delayed until 2021?

After news emerged Lucifer season five, part B had finished filming, some viewers were wondering if it could be heading to Netflix soon.

However, as the end of the year nears, it seems like the show actually might have a 2021 release.

Netflix usually announces the release dates of its drama series a few months ahead of time.

As fans will remember with Lucifer season five, part A, it was announced in early July ahead of a late August release date.

The latest update from Netflix has confirmed the show’s air date is still a “mystery.”

Posting on Twitter on October 14, the official Lucifer account wrote: “Many things in life are still a mystery, including the 5B release date.

“But you can look forward to * getting the family together for ****.”

The tease left viewers wondering when exactly this mystery would be solved.

What’s more, it has also now been ruled out by one of the series’ co-showrunners the show will be out this year.

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Responding to a tweet from Jim Heath which suggested the show was “ready for Netflix,” Joe Henderson clarified the situation.

He wrote: “I mean, it’s finished SHOOTING. We still have plenty to do before it’s ready for Netflix!

“(I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up about timeline).”

He then went on to clarify in a further tweet how the new episodes will not be coming in 2020.

Henderson continued: “I genuinely don’t know how long it’ll take yet.

“But I think everyone should prepare for it taking longer than they’d like.

“Post-production is a lot of work and takes time! (definitely not December).”

This is because while filming has ended, it seems like post-production of the show will take a while longer.

This is especially the case as there are likely still restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

As soon as any more news is revealed, will keep fans updated.