Jared Padalecki has always been open about his struggles.

The “Supernatural” star, 37, was arrested early Sunday at his bar, Stereotype, for assault and public intoxication early Sunday. Following his release later that afternoon, Padalecki didn’t—and still hasn’t—addressed what occurred.

Reps for Padalecki didn’t return Page Six’s request for comment and Padalecki has opted to stay quiet on social media. His wife, Genevieve Cortese, however, tweeted a heart emoji in the aftermath of the scandal, presumably showing her support for her husband, who has been transparent about his troubles in the past.

Padelecki, who played Rory Gilmore’s first boyfriend on hit series “Gilmore Girls,” first opened up about his mental health issues in March 2015, revealing to Variety that while filming season 3 of “Supernatural”—around 2008—he broke down in his trailer. An on-set doctor came to talk to him for 45 minutes and realized Padalecki was suffering from clinical depression.

“And it kind of hit me like a sack of bricks. I mean, I was 25 years old. I had my own TV show. I had dogs that I loved and tons of friends and I was getting adoration from fans and I was happy with my work, but I couldn’t figure out what it was; it doesn’t always make sense is my point,” he shared.

“It’s not just people who can’t find a job, or can’t fit in in society that struggle with depression sometimes.”

Since then, Padalecki has been a relatively open book with his mental health, even launching his “Always Keep Fighting” T-shirt campaign, which benefits To Write Love on Her Arms — an organization that helps individuals struggling with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts.

Padalecki “gradually got better” that year, but in May 2015 he suffered a setback. He suddenly canceled appearances at conventions in both Italy and Australia, and via his team announced on Twitter on May 18 that he was suffering from exhaustion; however, just a couple of days prior to his admission, Padalecki tweeted messages that signified trouble in his life.

“Dear #JIBCON and #AHBL6. I am in desperate and urgent need of my family,” he wrote on social media. “I am sorry to tell you this but I must head home.”

He continued in a separate tweet, “I need all the love I can get right now. Please please give me a few seconds of your time and write me. #AlwaysKeepFighting.”

His team told Page Six that Padalecki had spent a “long season away from his family.”

“Jared has pushed himself to his limits, and is suffering from exhaustion,” his team said in a statement. “His SPN family is so important to him, and he asks that they Always Keep Fighting. At this time he needs to be home with his family. He’s doing better already and is excited about shooting ‘Supernatural’ season 11 in July.

“For now he’s taking a break, but is so appreciative of, and sees and feels the love and support of his fans.”

In July of that year, nearly 7,000 fans attended the San Diego Comic-Con “Supernatural” panel to support Padalecki. After the panel came to an end, the thousands of fans held up candles to honor Padalecki’s Always Keep Fighting campaign.

“I’m holding the candle in my pocket right now, I can’t let go of it,” Padalecki told E! News after the panel ended. “At first I didn’t know what it is. I thought people were holding up their iPhones or something. And then someone handed me the note explaining it and I found out what was really going on. It took everything in my power not to cry.”

While Padalecki hasn’t addressed what happened on Sunday yet, it’s been reported that production on “Supernatural” won’t be delayed.

He’s since canceled his appearance at Salute to “Supernatural” D.C. 2019 this weekend. He was replaced with actors Alexander Calvert (Jack) and Jake Abel (Adam Milligan).

Source: pagesix.com

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