Hope will have to make a big decision on Legacies, now that she has returned home to Mystic Falls. Her homecoming was made possible thanks to her escape from the major twist that saw her end up in the Malivore pit. That joyous move forward has landed Hope in another tricky predicament. Unfortunately, no one remembers Hope, including all of the people who love her.

Hope now has to make a choice that could change everything for her and everyone she loves in Mystic Falls. What will she decide? Well, in an It’s a Wonderful Life-style twist, Hope is getting a chance to see how everyone’s life would be without her. Will she reach the same conclusion that George Bailey did? Discussing Hope’s decision, Legacies’ creator, Julie Plec, told TV Guide:

She’s got a real big decision to make. She’s got to decide, ‘Do I just knock on the front door of the school and say, hey I’m back and here’s who I am,’ or does she follow that instinct in her head — whether it’s true or not — that everyone’s better off without her? It’s not a decision that she can make right away. It’s not even a decision that’s going to be smart when she makes it, and that’s part of the fun of her character. She’s so strong and yet she’s capable of making these kind of emotional mistakes, and I want to see how that goes for her.

What is a young woman to do? It sounds as though Hope will take her time making a decision. After all, lying low and keeping your true identity and relevance to everyone’s lives a secret takes a minute. Interestingly, Legacies’ creator points to her making an “emotional” mistake. Could Hope decide to deny who she really is for a while?

Either way, Hope’s decision will have consequences. Is this part of that increased level of darkness in Season 2? Maybe. There could be something or someone else to blame. If Hope denies who she really is than that could create significant issues down the line.

On the other side, if she does tell her loved ones that she is Hope Mikaelson, there is a chance they may not believe her. Talk about hurtful. Here is hoping she makes the right call in the end. Viewers will just have to wait and see where Hope’s journey takes her in Season 2.

Legacies fans knew that Season 2 was going to be a rough one for Hope. It is set to “kill” her with that burgeoning new romance for Landon. Not that it is all bad news for Klaus and Hayley’s tribrid daughter in the love department.

Hope may end up with more than one love interest in Season 2. It is all thanks to the son and daughter of a new Vampire Diaries-named character joining the show. Hope’s family life is also getting a boost. One of her aunts will be visiting Legacies, albeit briefly. How her aunt will return has been revealed, though, so there is that.

In related Legacies new, the Saltzman twins’ evil uncle, Kai, could be on his way back for Season 2. Could the return of Kai somehow get Hope to tell the truth about who she is? Stay tuned!

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