Warning: SPOILERS for Legends of tomorrow season 5, episode 9, “Zari, not Zari”.

The legends of tomorrow and Supernatural crossover episode, “Zari, not Zari,” offered an explanation of why Supernatural The last episodes of season 15 have been delayed, apparently it has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. At least, Legends of tomorrow Explains why the final season was delayed at Arrowverse, where it is apparently as popular and enduring as it is in our reality.

Supernatural Season 15 was in turmoil even before the COVID-19 pandemic closed filming. Fans feared the show’s final season might be delayed or even canceled entirely after series star Jared Padalecki was arrested for assault and public intoxication at a bar in Texas in October 2019. Fortunately, this was not the case. and at the moment writing only the last two episodes of Supernatural remain unfinished.

A cross between Supernatural and Arrowverse had been teased for years, and “Zari, not Zari” finally made it possible. Sadly, those who hope to see John Constantine join forces with the Winchester brothers to kill some demons will be disappointed. While Dean Winchster’s classic Chevrolet Impala in 1967 does appear, neither Sam nor Dean Winchester is anywhere. Instead, the rest of the crew were killed in this episode, thus giving the true reason in the universe. Supernatural season 15 is not over yet.

“Zari, not Zari” found the witcher John Constantine in the woods outside Vancouver, where he was looking for a piece of the Loom of Destiny; A mystical artifact capable of rewriting the history of a soul without any risk of creating a paradox. She was joined by her fellow Legends Sara Lance and Charlie, who was recently revealed to be the Greek goddess Clotho and responsible for dismantling the Loom of Destiny so that humanity could enjoy the benefits of free will. While wandering through the forest, they found a sign warning hikers that Supernatural I was filming in the area. This news excited Sara, who was a fan of the show and wondered if the actors who played Sam and Dean were close, noting that he had permission from his girlfriend to sleep with Jensen Ackles if the opportunity arose.

Sadly, Sara’s hopes of hooking up with her crush were dashed when she and Charlie discovered that the land around the Loom of Destiny piece was ruined. They also discovered several dead bodies in the area, all of whom were wearing crew jackets that identified them as part of the Supernatural production team. Sara seemed strangely horrified by this revelation, but her surprise had nothing to do with encountering multiple corpses. Recognizing the jackets worn by the dead crew members, the surprised Sara asked, “If they are dead, who is filming season 15?? “

Unfortunately, the dark power of the Loom of Fate revived the dead crew as zombies, and that, along with the arrival of Charlie’s older sister Atropos, forced the heroes to flee before this vital question could be answered. Still, this would explain why the final season of Supernatural was delayed at Arrowverse, as the studio would need to hire a new crew to finish filming. Unfortunately, the fate of the Arrowverse versions of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki remains unclear, although their appearance as zombies in a future episode would not be the strangest thing to happen in Legends of morning.

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