Viewers grew attached to the characters in Lucifer. The end of the sixth season featured multiple emotional moments, and the audience was sad to say goodbye. However, they were able to receive a proper farewell due to their efforts.

On social media, fans created posts about wanting the show to return. The network had canceled it, but they were able to get the series back. While trying to revive the show, they also demanded to see the lead star’s butt.

The fans saved ‘Lucifer’ more than once

Lucifer made a return despite the studio wanting to end it due to the fans. According to BuzzFeed, the dedicated fandom mobilized after news of the cancellation arrived. On Twitter, users began to tweet “#SaveLucifer” until the tag started to trend.

Unlike other attempts to save shows, the fans managed to succeed. While Fox did not revive it, users got Netflix to come to their rescue. However, they later realized they could not rest on their laurels. As usual, Netflix eventually chose to cancel the established series.

When people learned that Lucifer was ending after its fifth season, they banded together to save it. Many were not happy with where the story left off in the finale. Once again, fans were successful in their endeavor and got another season.

Lucifer finally concluded in 2021, and the show finishes with the title character being a therapist for souls in Hell. Fans almost would not have gotten Lucifer deciding to redeem lost souls.

Fans demanded to see Tom Ellis’ butt in the show

Evading cancellation twice shows the power a committed fan base can have at times. In addition, viewers got more than another batch of episodes. The show treated them to a nearly naked Tom Ellis.

According to Muse by Clio, Allan Gungormez from, who assisted Netflix with the re-launch of the series, helped make fans’ dreams come true. Gungormez and his team looked at social media as part of their job;

“It started off with a lot of social conversation mining across Twitter and Reddit … We wanted to know what this fan base actually wanted. We identified a handful of things, but the No. 1 thing every fan wanted to see was Tom Ellis’ butt.”

Netflix gave the fans what they desired and included the actor’s butt. The streaming service also did other things to please fans leading up to the premiere. Fans likely would not have gotten a similar campaign if Fox had kept the show.

Why ‘Lucifer’ was canceled twice

Lucifer first aired on Fox in 2016, and it centers around one of Neil Gaiman’s characters. The plot focuses on the Devil, who leaves Hell for Los Angeles. The show ran for three seasons until the network pulled the plug. The series initially had a high viewership that eventually declined.

The ratings were not as high throughout the show as the showrunners were hoping. The CEO of Fox explained that the audience was “pretty narrow.” The network canceled Lucifer in 2018 due to a viewership decrease, but another platform obtained ownership.

It was not long before Netflix got a hold of the rights and resumed production. Loyal fans got to see their favorite characters return for more seasons. However, the show would face yet another cancellation after its fifth season.

Despite the high viewership, it is unknown why the streaming service wanted to end after Season 5. However, the series would experience a revival for a second time. It would come back for a sixth and final season and became the most-watched show in 2021.


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