Lucifer showrunner says Season 5B and Season 6 will be “wildly different”

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson reveals that Season 5 part 2 and Season 6 will be “wildly different” from each other while still contributing to the same story. This May, Netflix’s Lucifer returns for the back half of Season 5, which will then be followed by the show’s sixth and final season. However, while Season 5B … Read more

The Boys star and producer has shared first Photo of Season 3

The Boys’ 3rd season was confirmed last year and production has begun for the new series that will air later this year. As the superhero television series is shooting, there have been exciting updates across social media, as those working on the show have posted some first-look images. Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie Campbell) posted … Read more

The Sandman producer shares info about a crossover with Lucifer

The Sandman producer Neil Gaiman has shared that the upcoming Netflix series will not cross over with Lucifer. Given that Lucifer, which has been a Netflix property since season 4, is based on characters from Gaiman’s Sandman comic, there have been suggestions that the two series could link in some way. However, after announcing that … Read more

Lucifer producer reveals a hint about collaboration between Lucifer Morningstar and God

Lucifer Morningstar and God have had their differences within the past, but a revealing hint from the series’ showrunner suggests they’ll be putting their baggage aside for the commonweal once they finally reconcile in season five, part two. Netflix subscribers are still waiting on the second half of Lucifer’s fifth season to emerge after God … Read more

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson has shared that a scrapped script from Season 2 saw the Devil running for political office

On top of the Devil’s duty as an LAPD consultant, Lucifer almost ran for political office. During an interview with CBR to discuss his upcoming comic series Shadecraft, Lucifer’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson confirmed that Season 2 almost saw Lucifer running for local office. “Yeah, this was early on in Season 2,” he said. “One of … Read more

‘The Office’ producer has shared an update on the possibility of a cast reunion

The Office US creator Greg Daniels has provided an update on the possibility of a cast reunion. It’s been eight years since the NBC sitcom aired its final episode, and talk of the Dunder Mifflin team getting back together just refuses to go away. Now, Daniels has suggested a reunion is more likely than ever, … Read more

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson has shared that he will be making a surprise cameo on the Netflix series

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson has shared that he will be making a surprise cameo on the Netflix series in the future. Following in the footsteps of fellow showrunner Ildy Modrovich last year, the producer will pop up for an appearance on the show that he oversees. Henderson shared the news on his social media profiles … Read more

Supernatural Producer teases fans how the Winchesters’ journey ends in final episode

Supernatural viewers have less than 2 weeks left to wait to find out what will happen in supernatural’s final ever episode, after 15 years of saving people and hunting baddies. Supernatural spoilers follow. But for the moment the anticipation is still high as we wait to discover what will happen to brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) … Read more

The Boys showrunner clarifies Jensen Ackles’ character in the 3rd season of show

The producer of The Boys has clarified Jensen Ackles’ character in season 3. Earlier this year, it was announced the Supernatural star will join the forthcoming season of the Amazon series, which recently aired its shocking season 2 finale. Ackles will play Soldier Boy – the so-called “original superhero”, who fought in World War II … Read more

‘Game of Thrones’ Producer Shared His Most Hated Scene In The Show

The author from ‘Game of Thrones’, George RR Martin has shared his most hated scene in the show – and no, it isn’t anything that takes place in Dorne or season eight. The hit HBO series came to an end last year, though a behind-the-scenes book called Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon takes a deeper … Read more