Monsterland’s Episode 3 “New Orleans, Louisiana” Finally Explained [SPOILER]

Hulu’s new horror anthology series, Monsterland, explores more than just bogeymen hiding under your bed or chainsaw-bearing slashers thirsty for murder; it explores the worst of human nature—greed, jealousy, wrath—proving that the scariest thing of all isn’t lurking around some corner. It’s often just within us, our most sinister qualities bubbling under the surface. Episode … Read more

‘Lucifer’ Producer Teased Details Of The Upcoming Season

Tom Ellis Lucifer photo

Ildy Modrovich responded to a cryptic tweet teasing details of the upcoming season. Season five of Lucifer on Netflix is almost upon us – and now series boss Ildy Modrovich has commented on some cryptic spoilers on Twitter as the anticipation rises. Responding to a tweet from SpoilerTV staff writer CJ Allan that seemed to … Read more

‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Lucifer tackle an uncanny crime?

Will Lucifer tackle an uncanny crime? Will Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. give closure? What’s “delicious” about Greenleaf‘s series finale? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows! Scoop on Lucifer’s season premiere? –Cindy The opener for Season 5 (out Aug. 21) is pretty fun, in that Lucifer uses some of the skills … Read more

Michael to appear as a new villian in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5

LUCIFER will return this August and fans have been hyping the new season after the release of an exciting teaser trailer. Some clues may have spoiled the fate of new villain, Michael. Season five of Netflix’s acclaimed fantasy series has revealed the introduction of Lucifer’s deceitful twin brother, Michael. Fans of the original Fox series … Read more

The Flash Will Finally Face Off Against His Most Formidable Enemy From The Comics [Spoiler]

After nearly a half-dozen fake-outs, The Flash will finally face off against a most formidable foe from the comics. The CW’s No. 1 series first teased the introduction of the white-and-gold clad Godspeed during Season 5, when Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora, in the year 2049, bested the sinister speedster with a good amount of … Read more

Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Krista Vernoff Has Confirmed Richard Webber’s future on the show [Spoiler]

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers for the season 16 finale follow. Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff has confirmed Richard Webber’s future on the show, after the character’s illness was finally diagnosed. DO NOT MISS: * Look at the trailer for The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons new TV series In the season 16 finale, Richard (James Pickens … Read more

What Is Ben Davis’ Fate From ‘Ozark’ In Season 3 [Spoiler]

Spoiler Alert: The following story contains spoilers for Ozark Season 3. DO NOT MISS: * ‘Riverdale’ Showrunners Are Teasing That a “forbidden showmance” is on the way. It’s a classic television rule: unless you’ve seen a body, you can’t really trust that anyone is actually dead. That’s been an applicable principle for just about every series, … Read more

‘The Sinner’ Season 3 with an shocking Finale [Spoiler]

“You know that I came here to kill you.” With those chilling words, Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer) began his final bloody exit on Thursday night’s Season 3 finale of “The Sinner,” the USA crime drama anthology that puts wily, nearly retired detective Harry Ambrose in the midst of some strange police investigations. Tracking down Burns, … Read more

‘Shameless’ – Noel Fisher Represent As Dan’s Brother On The Conners [Spoilers]

We’ve known for a few months that Dan’s much younger brother, Little Ed (played by Shameless vet Noel Fisher) would be coming to The Conners this year, but we didn’t know much about when or how. Well, tonight’s episode changed all that, as an adult Little Ed and Dan were finally introduced and, as you … Read more

Tom Ellis has teased a satisfying ending for season 5 of Lucifer

As the ending of the final season of Lucifer draws closer, more and more cast members of the Netflix hit have been speaking out about what fans can expect from the last outing. Now, Lucifer star Tom Ellis has teased a satisfying ending. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Devil star Tom Ellis revealed one … Read more