Lucifer’s writers have been teasing the sixth and final season for a while now on Twitter – they have already revealed that one of the episodes will be called ‘The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar’, and now they’ve done it again.
The scriptwriting team have dropped the title for the show’s penultimate episode, revealing that it’s called ‘Goodbye, Lucifer’, and whoever it is making their exit, it’s going to be emotional.
“Who will be saying ‘goodbye’ in Lucifer’s second-to-last episode?” they wrote on Twitter. “You have 17 eps to go before finding out, and you better believe @Chris_Rafferty is bringing the feels.
“But don’t worry – he wants you all to know that he’s looking out for your hearts #youreinsafehands.”
Writer and exec producer Rafferty added: “After these 6 years, I’m deeply honored to have written Lucifer’s penultimate episode. And deeply satisfied THIS is the script I get to say goodbye to these characters with.
“To those panicking: You have NO idea what this title means. Don’t assume ANYTHING. Also… trust us.”

Although season 6 is in the works, we’re still waiting for the second half of season 5 – titled 5B – to be released on Netflix.
Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a bit of a wrench in the works, with the writers admitting that the season isn’t actually finished yet, and even they aren’t sure when it will actually be released.
What we do know is that two of the currently announced episodes of season 6 will be directed by members of the cast, specifically Amenadiel actor DB Woodside and Daniel Espinoza actor Kevin Alejandro.