Tom Ellis, better known as Lucifer Morningstar in the Netflix supernatural series, discusses whether he’d ever consider joining the MCU or the DCEU.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis discussed the possibility of joining the DC Extended Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a fan Q&A for IMDb’s Fan Questions series, Ellis was asked if he had any interest in being in a comic book movie. “For sure. I think most actors, if you asked them, would say ‘Yes’ to that question,” he explained

When asked if he preferred Marvel or DC, Ellis tried to keep his options open. “Well, I don’t want to ostracize myself from either at the moment, so um… Whoever comes a-knocking,” he cheerily said. Of course, it’s worth noting Lucifer is based on the DC-owned Vertigo Comics series.

This comes just days after Netflix revealed a nostalgic trailer and premiere date for the show’s sixths season. The 10-episode final season will be available to stream on Sept. 10, ending the Devil’s lengthy L.A. vacation.

The quick turnaround for Lucifer Season 6 surprised many fans who are still reeling from the dramatic conclusion of Season 5B, which saw major changes to Lucifer’s role in the universe and his relationship with police detective Chloe Decker. Executive Producer Chris Rafferty recently discussed the impact of Season 5, which will cause a slight genre change in the upcoming season due to certain characters’ new positions.

The dramatic storyline didn’t stop the cast from having fun on set, as evidenced in the Season 5 gag reel released by Netflix. Actor Lauren German, who plays Chloe in the series, can be seen dancing and joking with Ellis in between takes.

Lucifer Season 6 arrives on Netflix Sept. 10, while Seasons 1-5 are currently available to stream.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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