Tom Ellis Lucifer photo

LUCIFER fans love Tom Ellis as the devilish Lucifer Morningstar on the show. But did the star ever plan to leave?

Tom Ellis’ potential departure from Lucifer ahead of season six was the subject of some rumours a few months ago. This was because he had reportedly not finalised his deal to return to the series. Now the star has finally opened up about what was going on behind the scenes and if he ever actually planned to leave.

Did Tom Ellis ever plan to leave Lucifer?

Lucifer would be almost impossible to imagine without Ellis in the lead role of the charming and suave devil.

He has played the role since the pilot episode first aired in 2016 and will soon be reprising it when season five is released later this month.

Ellis has also been confirmed to be returning for a sixth season as well, after it was announced earlier this year.

However, before season six of Lucifer was officially confirmed, there were a number of rumours about its return to Netflix.

One in particular had fans very worried as it was reported by some publications how Ellis’s season six contract had not been finalised.

This led to a lot of speculation among fans on social media about whether Ellis would be returning to the much-loved role or not.

At the time there were even some rumours the star would be replaced by The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder.

These were quickly shut down by Lucifer’s showrunner Ildy Modrovich who reassured fans on Twitter.

She retweeted a post from a fan called nikkiebaer47 which read: “I mean… Joke of the Day #Lucifer #TomEllis” alongside an image of the article claiming Somerhalder was in the running.

Alongside the retweet, she laughed off the rumours and added: “Bwahahahaha!!!! #Lucifer #LUCIFERONNETFLIX.”

However, there was a lot of confusion about what actually was going on behind the scenes.

Now Ellis himself has opened up in a new interview with Da Man magazine.

When asked about how he felt about signing up for a sixth season, he cleared up how there was actually no dispute.

He said: “Well, just to be clear, I had signed on for six seasons of Lucifer when I first started the job.

“So it was confusing to read that I somehow had a choice in the matter.”

This seemingly implies he was always coming back for a sixth season of the show regardless.

The star then went on to add about how he felt about coming back again for the final season.

He added: “I’m obviously sad that the show is coming to an end as it’s been such a huge part of my life for half a decade.

“That said, we were told that season five was the final season and I lived that reality for almost the entirety of shooting it.

“So, it’s fair to say that I’ve had time to get my head around finishing.

“In the cutthroat world of TV, it’s a privilege to know that you get to write the end of your story properly.

“So I find a sense of peace in that. We’ve just had that privilege twice!”