‘Lucifer’: Tom Ellis opens up about his thoughts of leave the show

Tom Ellis Lucifer photo

LUCIFER fans love Tom Ellis as the devilish Lucifer Morningstar on the show. But did the star ever plan to leave? Tom Ellis’ potential departure from Lucifer ahead of season six was the subject of some rumours a few months ago. This was because he had reportedly not finalised his deal to return to the … Read more

Will Lucifer be affected from the Coronavirus

The launch of Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix is on the horizon, and it appears that Lucifer Season 6 could also materialize. But the question of when remains unanswered. With the recent act of God coming in the form of a pandemic that has paralyzed the world, it could take a miracle to hasten the … Read more

‘Lucifer’ Creator hinted that Chloe may be an Angel

LUCIFER season 5 is due to return to Netflix very soon as viewers find out exactly what happens in the final outing. But have the creators dropped a major spoiler about Chloe Decker’s heritage? Lucifer fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the hugely popiular series on Netflix this year. Ahead of the final series … Read more

Lucifer – Will Ella and Dan get together in Season 5 ?

LUCIFER season 5 is coming to Netflix in Spring 2020 and fans are desperate to know more about the plot of the final series. Aimee Garica spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Ella’s relationship with Dan. Will Ella and Dan get together? Aimee Garcia stars as forensic scientist Ella Lopez in Lucifer. Over the past four … Read more

Lucifer Season 5 Release date revealed and what we know till now

Lucifer is coming back to Netflix for season 5 and it’ll also be Lucifer’s final season. Here’s what we know about season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix, how the cast have reacted to its renewal, why it’s going to be the final season and what we can expect from the next season.  As you may … Read more

Lucifer Team didn’t miss to celebrate Halloween spirit (PHOTO)

There is a lot of anticipation ahead of Lucifer’s Season 5, especially since Season 4 left fans on a massive cliffhanger. However, the wait is much more tolerable because the cast is always sharing snippets of their set life. Recently, the cast showed up to their table read decked out in their Halloween costumes and it was quite … Read more

Tom Ellis refuse to take a part in a Crossover on ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’

The CW’s upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event is slated to feature a wealth of guest stars, but Lucifer star Tom Ellis will not be among them. Ellis was reportedly spotted on the set of Arrowverse crossover with several of the various shows’ actors, prompting Ellis to clarify the nature of his trip to Vancouver. “Right, OK, see, … Read more