The team behind Netflix’s Lucifer have been revealing episode titles from the upcoming sixth season – and the latest suggests the days could be numbered for Tom Ellis’ cheeky detective.

The fantasy drama is confirmed to be coming to an end with its sixth season, the third to be produced on Netflix after the streaming service plucked the show from the jaws of cancellation.

Of course, fans are all wondering whether it will be a fairytale ending for Lucifer and his LAPD partner Chloe Decker, or if the writers have something darker in store.

Episode five of the sixth season could well be a pivotal chapter, with the writers room recently revealing its intriguing title: “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar”.


Avid viewers of the series will be well aware that each title is a line of dialogue said by one of the characters in the corresponding episode – but the question is, could somebody really be plotting to kill the Lord of Hell himself?

Well, it should be noted that these titles have been misleading in the past, meaning this could well be a throwaway remark or another comical scheme rather than a full-blown assassination attempt.

However, we can’t rule out the more dramatic option, especially given that this episode falls exactly halfway through Lucifer’s 10-episode sixth outing, so it could function as a mid-season finale if Netflix decides to split the release again.

As we saw in season five, the writers like to leave their fans with lots of burning questions and a cliffhanger leaving Lucifer’s life hanging in the balance would certainly generate conversation leading into the last ever episodes.

Netflix dropped the first eight episodes of season five back in August which was quickly binged by fans, who are now eagerly anticipating the second half to provide answers to those aforementioned Lucifer questions.

There’s no word yet on when part two will drop, although star Tom Ellis has previously suggested we could see the episodes in early 2021, after filming wrapped in October.