Outlander Season 7 has begun, and fans can’t wait to see how Claire and Jamie will fair in 1776. With new dangers surrounding them, Claire and Jamie will save each other from enemies, new and old, as they have in the show’s previous seasons.

Despite being seen as the weaker gender due to the period, Claire proves to be one of the strongest characters in Outlander. She uses her modern knowledge to help her survive in 18th-century Scotland and beyond. Claire isn’t afraid to step in and help Jamie when needed and saves his life more than once.

7 Claire Gains Favor Early On
S1, E1, “Sassenach”

The first episode of Outlander lets viewers know who the villains in the series will be early on. Claire and Jamie encounter the British soldiers separately, but Claire has to save Jamie from their actions several times in the first episode. Claire saves Jamie three times after they meet, starting with resetting his dislocated shoulder before his fellow travelers can break his arm.

Due to traveling with Frank days before, Claire can tell Jamie about the incoming British ambush and save everyone riding with them from certain death. Finally, Claire cleans Jamie’s gunshot wound and keeps him from dying of infection. By saving Jaime, Claire gains his trust early and proves she is more of a help than a hindrance to the others.

6 Claire Convinces Jaime to Live
S1, E16, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

After suffering at the hands of Black Jack Randall, Jamie feels he would instead be killed than continue living with the reminders of the torture inflicted upon him. As his wife, Claire convinces him that she still loves him regardless of his physical and emotional scars because that is what she vowed to do. This is Claire’s way of showing protection for Jaime, the same way he protects her from danger.

By supporting him in a manner uncommon at the time, Claire saves Jaime from himself and shows him a path to healing from the trauma he endured to save her. The emotional support Claire provides isn’t seen in other characters. This sets her apart from Jaime’s other romantic paramours and proves she is his best match.

5 Jaime Needs Support
S2, E2, “Not in Scotland Anymore”

Claire consistently proves herself to be one of the best characters in Outlander by supporting Jaime and her patients when needed. When Jaime starts to draw into himself after suffering at the hand of Black Jack Randall, Claire reassures him that she loves him regardless of what happened.

While her words of comfort aren’t as heroic as Jaime swinging off a castle to save her, she keeps Jaime grounded. This gives him hope that he can help with the survival of Scotland and change history. Claire shows that heroes can be vulnerable and still be strong, which she imparts to Jaime.

4 Claire Sacrifices Herself for Jaime
S2, E7, “Faith”

As Jaime is being held in the Bastille, Claire has to plead for Jaime’s release from prison so that they can be together again. Unlike other times Claire has saved Jaime, her medical training can’t help her save him. Instead, she has to use the wisdom that Geillis bestowed upon her in the first season.

By using her sexuality as a woman to her favor, Claire allows the king to have sex with her in exchange for Jaime’s release. Even though she knows Jaime may not forgive her for being with another man, Claire’s sacrifice is repayment for Jaime being held by Randall in her place. Claire’s sacrifice shows how much she has grown since the first season.

3 Claire Save the Fraser Name
S2, E8, “The Fox’s Lair”

Claire uses her words to navigate the Outlander Universe and helps get her allies out of trouble. When he is about to give away everything that belongs to the Fraser name, Claire pretends to have magic powers. This becomes a trend in the show as many of Claire’s actions are considered witchcraft, even though people of her time would see it as ordinary.

Claire’s quick thinking keeps her husband’s family from being destitute for centuries and secures a better future for herself. Season 2 consistently shows Claire’s growth as a character and how she can be a hero without a sword or a gun to take down her enemies. Claire doesn’t only save Jaime with her charade but the entire lineage of Frasers as they keep their wealth.

2 Modern Medicine Save Jaime
S3, E8, “First Wife”

With Jaime and Claire at odds over what has transpired in their native timelines, Jaime is forced to confront his multiple wives. When Jaime is accidentally shot, Claire puts aside her feelings to save the man she loves. When she time-traveled back to Jaime, Claire equipped herself with modern vaccines to take care of herself and Jaime better than when they first met.

Using penicillin to treat his wound, Jaime can recover without infection and reestablish his relationship with Claire. By being brought back to memories of their first meeting and how Claire cared for him before she fell in love with him, Claire and Jaime can move on. Their ability to forgive one another makes Jaime and Claire one of the best couples in Outlander.

1 Claire Uses Unconventional Methods
S5, E9,” Monsters and Heroes”

Jaime Fraser has suffered many injuries that should have ended his life before he and Claire could build a life together. However, Claire kept him alive long enough to marry and have children together. Despite being his savior many times, Claire has trouble saving Jaime’s leg after a snake bites him.

But when he nearly dies in his sleep, Claire revives Jaime with a sexual act. Even though Claire’s action restarts Jaime’s heart, it only provides a temporary savior. Brianna ultimately saves her father with a syringe she makes out of snake teeth and drains the venom from Jaime’s body. However, Brianna wouldn’t get a chance to show her medical skills without her mother reviving her father. The natural attraction of Claire and Jamie shows their chemistry as a couple and makes Outlander a great romance.

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