TNT is airing a 9-hour marathon of “Supernatural” on Halloween

Sam Winchester might hate Halloween thanks to a truly traumatic childhood experience, but that won’t stop Supernatural fans from celebrating alongside him and his brother Dean. TNT has released its lineup for a 9-hour Supernatural marathon on Thursday, Oct. 31. The binge, which features episodes from six different seasons of the show, will launch at … Read more

Lucifer’s writing team have just dropped the title for the fourth episode of season 5

Lucifer’s writing team have just dropped the title for the fourth episode of season five – and we think it’s the most bonkers yet. The writers have kept Lucifer fans waiting in suspense as they drop episode titles one-by-one, and they have definitely been getting harder for us to figure out. On Wednesday they tweeted: … Read more

Shameless Season 10: Will Mickey and Ian get married?!

There is a reason to hope that Mickey and Ian will get married in Shameless Season 10! The long-time on-again-off-again couple has been through their fair share of difficulties. Shameless left Mickey and Ian’s relationship in great shape as Ian reunited with his then ex-boyfriend in prison during his exit story. “Gallovich” fans still have … Read more

Is Barry Allen going to die in Crisis On Infinite Earths? (SPOILER)

The Flash season six raced onto our screens this week with a premiere aptly titled ‘Into The Void’. Aside from the literal black hole that threatened to destroy Central City, this void also refers of course to the hole left behind by Nora’s death. Unfortunately, it looks like this isn’t the only tragedy looming if the … Read more

Rick and Morty’s most debatable episode

A lot has happened on Rick and Morty. The unhinged genius Rick Sanchez has taken his paranoid grandson Morty Smith on dozens of galaxy-faring, alternate-dimension-hopping adventures — which have had varying degrees of success and all sorts of snafus spark up along the way — and the pair have engaged in more than their fair share … Read more

The final season trailer of Supernatural features Chuck, Adam, and… Samifer?!

“I can see it now… Supernatural: The End. And the cover is just a gravestone that says ‘Winchester.’” That’s Chuck’s ending to Supernatural, at least according to the latest trailer created by the show’s post-production team. And boy is it filled with familiar faces. The new trailer for Supernatural‘s 15th and final season features a … Read more

Riverdale’s season 4 premiere: Luke Perry “will always be a part of Riverdale.”

This post contains spoilers for the Riverdale Season 4 premiere. As Riverdale returned for its fourth season Wednesday night, the CW drama had one message for longtime fans: Fred Andrews and Luke Perry “will always be a part of Riverdale.” Throughout his three seasons on the show, Perry’s Fred Andrews was a quiet moral counterbalance … Read more

Ian Somerhalder is going to take a part in Legacies Season 2 ?

Legacies is already a pretty buzzy CW property heading into its second season on the network. Now, with the new episodes looming, it looks like the show will be adding a character described by series lead Jenny Boyd as “Somerhalder 2.0.” As in, Mystic Falls’ own Damon Salvatore. We’ve in fact known that Legacies would be adding new characters and … Read more

Barry Allen is going to Die in Crisis. Confirmed fromFlash Showrunner. (SPOILER)

After an ominous warning from The Monitor in the Season 6 premiere of The CW’s The Flash, showrunner Eric Wallace has confirmed that Barry Allen will, indeed, die in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” “‘Crisis’ turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to… The Flash because it created an immediacy to things,” Wallace said after a … Read more

Is the story line of Damon Salvatore made “really hard” on purpose?

The Vampire Diaries writer Kevin Williamson has revealed that fans made one Damon Salvatore storyline “really hard”. We all know him as the arrogant, cruel (and still charming) Salvatore brother. But despite being a villain and doing some pretty evil things in the early seasons of the hit teen show, Williamson explained that the audience “loved … Read more