Marvel Studios has finally officially announced that a new Fantastic Four movie is on its way. Kevin Feige confirmed way back in summer 2019 that he would be spearheading a reboot of the First Family eventually, following Marvel getting the rights from Fox, but it took until December 2020 for the project to be publicly revealed. So far, we only know that Spider-Man‘s Jon Watts is directing it, but you can be sure that the studio is busy bringing the cast together behind the scenes.

There’s much speculation about who could be playing Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, of course, with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt being the stars most commonly linked to those roles. It remains to be seen whether the real-life couple will get the gigs, but a new report points to Marvel locking down another one of the Four instead.

Small Screen claims that reliable sources have informed them that Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery is in talks to play Johnny Storm AKA Human Torch. Apparently, Feige and Watts were impressed with the Australian actor’s performance as Billy Hargrove in the Netflix hit and he’s actually been on Marvel’s radar since his stint as a leading man in 2017’s Power Rangers remake.

As per one of Small Screen’s sources:

“Marvel Studios is ramping things up with Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four movie. They’re looking at a bunch of actors for the role of Johnny Storm, yet Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery seems to be leading the pack. He’s currently in talks with the Marvel bosses as we speak for the role.”

SS also reached out to a second source to corroborate and received word that Montgomery was originally considered for the MCU’s Wolverine, but they now believe that “he’d be perfect for Johnny, and Jon Watts is very keen on casting the actor for the role.” Fans would no doubt get behind this decision, too, as Montgomery is a popular fan-cast for various superhero parts, such as Nightwing and Adam Warlock.

Even if alleged talks for the Human Torch fall through, then, it seems like only a matter of time before the actor ends up in the MCU or even the DCEU in some other role. Let us know if you’d like to see him as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot, though, in the usual place below.