Supernatural season 15 is taking a break at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped the cast and crew from reminiscing about the show’s long and richly demonic history.

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As the show nears its end, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has revealed how the series was almost entirely different – and by ‘different’, we mean not all about Sam and Dean Winchester.

Although it’s hard to imagine an episode of Supernatural without the Winchester brothers (together or apart), Kripke recently told Entertainment Weekly that a first draft of the pilot focused mainly on Jensen Ackles’ Dean.

Yep, in a parallel Supernatural universe, the pilot would have had Dean as the only brother who knew about all the, well, supernatural stuff, bringing Sam up to speed at some point in the future.

The focus all changed, however, when the pilot episode was shot. “It was the scene on the bridge when Sam and Dean talk about their mother,” Kripke explained. “It was the first time that you really saw their chemistry and their connection as brothers on full display.

“Because I’ve always said this show begins and ends with whether you believe that sibling relationship.”

And that we certainly do.

Elsewhere, Jared Padalecki has shared his conflicted feelings over Supernatural’s impending conclusion. “You never want to be the last person at a party. We just knew,” he said, admitting that he had initially struggled with leaving his character behind.

“That’s not to say there haven’t been vacillations, but we all trust the decision that was made.”

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