The world is still collectively mourning the passing of Kevin Conroy, arguably the most revered and famous Batman actor. However, Conroy had seemingly passed the torch of voicing Batman to Jensen Ackles, who took the reins in animated features like Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 and 2. While Conroy will remain the quintessential Caped Crusader to many of us, the role is in good hands, as Ackles is back to voice the Dark Knight in the first look at the Legion of Super-Heroes animated feature.

The Legion of Super-Heroes movie follows Superman, Supergirl, and Batman as a villain known as the Dark Circle has made most of the legion disappear without a trace. Batman is concerned that Supergirl cannot control her powers, leaving the trailer to hint at a potential showdown between Superman and Batman. Supergirl then teams up with former foe, Brainiac, to stop this new villain from erasing the league from existence.

There are quick shots of some of the legion’s academy trainees that include Supergirl, Mon El, Alura, Phantom Girl, Invisible Kid, Bouncing Boy, and more. Apart from Jensen Ackles Batman and Daren Criss’s Superman, we are also getting Matt Bomer’s The Flash and what appears to be a quick shot of Superman fighting Solomon Grundy. This new animated movie showcases Supergirl and her struggle with the destruction of Krypton and trying to find her place on Earth.

Many of the DC animated features have been stellar, and we expect more of the same from Legion of Super-Heroes, especially considering Jensen Ackles is back voicing Batman. While we will all miss Conroy in the role, Ackles does a wonderful job of sounding close to Conroy’s level of excellence. Ackles is a renowned actor as well, having cemented himself in pop culture from Supernatural and The Boys.

Surprisingly enough, Jensen Ackles is not the only Supernatural franchise actor in this new animated feature, as The Winchesters Meg Donnelly is voicing Kara/Supergirl. The Winchesters is the prequel series that follows the parents of Ackles’s character, Dean. Ackles also serves as an executive producer for the series, though its run might be short-lived because of the shift happening over at The CW.

Legion of Super-Heroes is directed by Jeff Wamester, who famously worked on Justice Society: World War II, the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, and Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1. The movie is also written by Josie Campbell who famously worked on She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Justice League Action Shorts, and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo. Jensen Ackles and Wamester are reuniting with one another after working together on The Long Halloween.

Legion of Super-Heroes will release on digital and Blu-ray officially on February 7, 2023. This animated DC adventure will bring back Jensen Ackles as Batman, presumably for the foreseeable future. We are certainly happy that DC has brought along another actor worthy of taking the mantle of Gotham’s greatest hero, and hope that Ackles carries the role onward with the same level of dignity and prowess that Kevin Conroy has.


By Damyan Ivanov

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