The Big Bang Theory: Why did Howard burn the only letter from his father before he could read it

The Big Bang Theory fans reckon they’ve finally cracked who told the truth about the latter from Howard Wolowitz’s dad. The character, played by Simon Helberg, spent years hiding the one and only letter he received from his dad, who left when he was just 11. However, in season 6’s The Closet Reconfiguration, Sheldon stumbled … Read more

Young Howard to premiere right after the end of Young Sheldon?!

After the end of hit American series The Big Bang Theory, fans have been hooked to its spin-off, Young Sheldon. But what will happen after this one ends too? Perhaps another spin-off? If you guessed Young Howard, then you’ve got that right. Will Young Sheldon end soon? As of 16th April 2020, Young Sheldon is … Read more

What Is The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Doing ?

For 12 seasons and nearly 300 episodes, CBS’s enormously popular The Big Bang Theory became one of the most watched sitcoms of the past two decades. Commanding the ratings for the majority of its television run, resulting in its actors getting upwards of a million dollars per episode, it’s hard to deny how huge this … Read more