It seems like it’s been in the making for ages, but it’s now been officially confirmed by Netflix that the second season of The Umbrella Academy is on its way.

The official UK and Ireland Instagram account of the streaming service shared two images of the cast, with the caption: “Just some good eggs taking a family selfie. Umbrella Academy s2 is coming soon.”

Credit: Netflix/Instagram

So, we can take from that what we like, but it certainly seems that filming may have finished. As always, fan theories are rife about the potential release date of season two.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, eagle-eyed fans have tried to work out when we can expect it (cue ‘woman doing maths’ meme).

Rumours have circulated about when it could be out based on the turnaround for the first season. It appears to that the first season took about a year from when it began shooting to when it premiered on Netflix.

In January 2018, Gerard Way (the former singer of emo band My Chemical Romance) and Gabriel Bá – the team behind the comics on which the show was based – shared a photo from the first day of production on the first series.

The Umbrella Academy centres on a group of misfit superheroes raised by a mad scientist. Credit: Netflix

The show itself premiered just over a year later, in February 2019.

Filming for season two was confirmed to be underway in June 2019 – so if we take the first season as an example, and also the fact producers claim it takes around 18 months to finish a series, fans could be looking at late next year. That means we can hopefully expect season two somewhere in the second half of 2020.

It could take less time; the creators may have taken note of the show’s success and decided to fast-track it. Alternatively, it could take longer – they may want to spend more time on it or put more money into it. Of course – this is all guesswork, with Netflix declining to comment on whether filming had or hadn’t finished.

What we know so far, is that the season two order includes 10 one-hour episodes, and will be produced by UCP (Universal Content Productions) for Netflix.

Season 2 of the Umbrella Academy is 'coming soon'. Credit: Netflix

The programme stars the likes of Ellen Page, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman and Mary J. Blige.

It revolves around a band of ‘estranged siblings with extraordinary powers’, who are reunited by their adopted father’s death – a mystery they must solve together.

Showrunner Steve Blackman – who is returning for the second season – described the show as ‘a dysfunctional family with a body count’ in a press junket for the first series.



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